Castle Falkenstein:

The Great Game

Castle Falkenstein, "The Great Game", is a truly entertaining role-playing world accompanied by a dynamic, flexible system, and I highly recommend it to players who want a new take on fantasy gaming or on historical role-playing.  It will particularly please those who concentrate on the aspects of story, adventure, and character development (as opposed to treasure accounting or mega-combat, for example.)  I started a "Play by e-mail" (PBeM) game in May 1998, using the Castle Falkenstein rules and setting, and this page was both a tool and a display for the game.  The game ended somewhat abruptly (my fault) in November 1999.

There are three main sections to this site: the Boiler, the Salon, and the Laboratory.  These contain, respectively, the mechanics, the setting, and the specifics of our game.  I believe that the first two, at least, are of general interest to Castle Falkenstein players at large, while the third is intended for the players in my game.  I hope these pages will be faster to load than before; I am in the process of revising this page in accordance to a set of official policies regarding Web graphics and design.  Let me know if I am meeting my goals, or if additional improvements are needed.

I am sorry to announce that I cannot take additional players right now, as the game is not currently running.  I only left the page online because I was rather proud of it, and because I thought I might restart the game some day.

The Boiler: Behind the Scenes

The Boiler is the section dedicated to the gears, levers and wires of the engine, such as the house rules on character creation, action, etc.   This is also the section where I post the technical information on items of general interest used in the story, for example the description of various airships, any gadgetech, new spells, etc.

The SalonThe Salon: Visit New Europa

If you have some time, please drop by the Salon. You will find background material on a multitude of topics, from calling card etiquette to steam technology, from proper vocabulary to the Faerie.  Hopefully, you will also get an idea of the atmosphere I wished to instill in the campain.

The picture above is Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Le Bal au Moulin de la Galette", and comes from  Auguste Renoir - The Gallery , a lovely site.

The Laboratory: The Great Game!

This section contains the specifics of our PBeM game.  The characters' descriptions (for both Dramatic Characters and Host Characters) and their pictures are available, as well as the various segments of the story as they unfold.  Both the story and the character descriptions are frequently updated.

Webrings. etc.

I have now moved the information concerning Webrings and groups where this page is listed to another page to allow faster loading. This is in accordance to my official policies on Web graphics and design.


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