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Cracks and Shards by Mark A. Mandel
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Steven Brust Fan Page  by Damien R. Sullivan
Alexx's Steven Brust Page
The Dream Café  – Steven Brust's own Home Page
Dragaera  - official page run by Corwyn Brust
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Quotes from Sean's Dragaera game  – some really good ones too!
AddictMUD – The Cycle  – another online game
Yahoo! Clubs Dragaera  – discussion group 
Souls and Bodies  – Swashbuckling Adventure in His Majesty's Service
(more to come)

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Dear, dear, if you don't know Dragaera you sure have a lot of quality reading to do.  Dragaera is the world (continent? planet? dimension?) in which are set at least thirteen excellent novels by Steven Brust.  This particular adaptation is for the pre-Interregnum period in which The Phoenix Guards, Five Hundred Years After, and Brokedown Palace (kinda) are set.  Even if you never try to play in this setting, you should read the novels as a wonderful source of inspiration for 7th Sea.

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Credits: The hatching jhereg picture is by Stephen Hickman and comes from the cover of Steven Brust's first Dragaera book, Jhereg.  Dragaera and all characters, places and elements appearing in the books are © 1983-2003, Steven Brust.  7th Sea written and designed by John and Jennifer Wick, copyright Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc., 1999-2000.  These materials used without permission, no copyright challenge intended.  All material original to this Web site © 2001-2003 Sophie Lagacé.