Aldana Steel


Some words that might not be so obvious to outsiders

These are a few of the words one might stumble upon in the chronicle.  Some are straight from the rulebook, others have been added or modified in our campaign.

Title given to some very old and powerful Fate Witches.
A new Montaigne invention, providing a quicker and more humane way of executing those who have received a death sentence than hanging, quartering, etc.
Medium-sized Thean rodent, generally found in large herds which can devour all vegetation in sight like overgrown cicadas.
Ussuran noble.
knight (Castillan unlanded noble title)
casona montañesa
Elegant townhouse in a Castillan province town or city.
Castillorum Rex (Castillorum Regina)
"King (Queen) of the Castillans".  The title bestowed by the Concilio de la Razon to confirm the power of the king or queen of Castille.  Without it, King Sandoval's power was severely curtailed.  Queen Sara Yanez y Grijalva de Sandoval de Castilla is now Castillorum Regina.
Concilio de la Razon
The council of cardinals which now acts as Castille's regent-by-committee and "advised" King Sandoval until his recent death.
County, minor province; lands held by one of the minor noble families of Castille, such as the Ramirez, Arciniega, Bejarano, etc.
The mechanical race built by the Syrneth, whose emissaries (the "Mumblety Pegs") manipulated the events leading to the rise of Cabora.
One of the Syrneth races, whose artefacts are characterized by elaborate gem work (the "Domae stones").  From what they have heard from the Sidhe on Bryn Bresail, the heroes believe that the Domae were allies of the Sidhe, and that the collar previously worn by the Caged Beast and put on Ferdinand by St. Gregor was created by the Domae.  The Sidhe always refer to "the Domae", plural, even when only one individual seems to be referred to.
(1) Dragon.  (2) Syrneth race of gigantic proportion which left its traces, and sometimes its bones, over what is now Eisen.
"Dragon iron".  The rare metal found only in Eisen, which can be worked into a superiorly hard and sharp state, much better than steel.
One of the Castillan provinces: Aldana, Gallegos, Soldano, Torres, and Zepeda.
Female companion assigned to an unmarried or younger Castillan noblewoman to guarantee her safety, honour and reputation.  Generally a widowed older woman.
Ruler of a Castillan province or ducado; often referred to as the "senior don" of the province.
"Iron Prince".  One of the overlords of Eisen, who controls a deposit of dracheneisen ore.
El Fuego Adentro
(Or, more properly, "El Fuego Interior").  Castillan fire-based sorcery.  Extremely rare and particularly despised by the Inquisition.
Noble domain in Castille.
Avalon sorcery, based on the use of powers given by the Sidhe.  These are often powers based on illusion.
Cathayan slang term for foreigner, "foreign devil".
King's Men
An elite corps serving the king of Castille, disbanded in 1665 by the Concilio de la Razon, shortly before Old King Salvador's death.  Following the fall of the Inquisition and the ascension of King Javier and Queen Sara, doña Constanza Aldana y Orduño has been working on reviving the unit.
One of the Eisen provinces, or "kingdoms", each ruled by an Eisenfürst: Fischler, Freiburg, Hainzl, Heilgründ, Pösen, Sieger, and Wische.
Vesten rune-based sorcery, allowing the caster a wide variety of effects but most famous for weather control.
Member of the elite forces of Montaigne, famous for their ability both with firearms and the sword.
The secret society of Eisen blacksmiths who control the secret of working dracheneisen.
Montaigne sorcery allowing the user to teleport herself or small objects by ripping a bleeding hole through the very fabric of the universe. 
Ussuran shape-shifting sorcery, granted by the Matushka.
A Syrneth race that left traces along the Great Trade River in Castille, mainland Vodacce, and Eisen.  They are know by their mostly hollow and very brittle bones, like those of some smaller birds, whose skulls are "grossly malformed, with a forward protrusion reminiscent of a snout or beak of some sort", and some with "what appeared to be frail wings from just below [their] shoulder blades". 
The apparently ageless race which inhabits Bryn Bresail and occasionally meddles in human affairs.  It is known that the Sidhe themselves see no difference between Bryn Bresail and Avalon.
Sorcery of the Fate Witches, allowing to read and affect "threads" of destiny.
Fate Witch; Sorte practioner.
Pertaining to one of the races which appear to have inhabited Théah before mankind.  The name is derived from the volcanic Isle of Syrne, lying to the west of Castille, and has been extended to cover all ancient non-human races.
"Weavers".  Little is known except that this is an organization of Fate Witches, based in the major cities of Vodacce.
Name given to one Syrneth race which left its mark on the Thalusian Isles, a chain of eleven islands situated west of Avalon.  These islands are riddled with nearly circular caves which are entirely lined with amber, sometimes containing remnants of insectoid beings of near-human size.  Elaborate traps and deadly insect life protect the caves.  From what they have heard from the Sidhe on Bryn Bresail, the heroes believe that the Thalusai are enemies of the Sidhe, and that Juan's gauntlet was created by the Thalusai.  They also believe that General Alzais Bisset du Verre is in fact a Thalusai, as may be General François Etallon du Toille.  Recent events revealed that the Thalusai have been engineering a rupture between the Sidhe and Théah.
One of the hordes of mindless war refugees roaming the Eisen countryside.  Waisen seem to have lost all their humanity, but seem to exhibit some sort of group mind for where one finds food or shelter, others soon appear.

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