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This site compiles the details of our 7th Sea campaign, "Aldana Steel", which ran from 1999 to 2003 and had a brief resurrection in 2004 before finally ending.  The site was primarily meant as a tool for our group, but it may be fun for others visitors interested in Alderac Entertainment Games (AEG)'s 7th Sea role-playing game.  In addition, conversions are under way for a few alternate settings, and comments are welcomed.



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Contributions are not only welcomed, but humbly solicited!

Art, fiction, character notes, summaries of previous adventures, travel notes from places visited, anecdotes, book or film reviews...

Credits: Our gamemaster is Edmund Metheny, and the Webmistress is Sophie Lagacé.  (Note that to use these addresses, you'll need to remove the "SPAMMERSMUSTDIE." portion, including the dot.)  Sizeable sections of the chronicle are written by Marce Connor; various additional materials have been contributed by Ken Grey, Bryan Head, Shawn Connor, and Dominick DiGregorio.

Updates: I do not keep a running log of updates because I'm pretty much always fiddling with the Web site, but I do date the individual pages' last update.  I tend to add often to the Chronicle, Maps, Characters, and the Fiction, Funnies and Songs sections. 

Format: This site should work with most browsers, including text-only browsers.  It has been tested in Lynx 2.7.1, Mozilla 1.0 and up, Firefox, Opera 6.0 and up, Microsoft Internet bloody Explorer 5 and 6, and Netscape 4.7x though 7.02, and seems to work fine.  The most complex elements you should find are tables, cascading stylesheets, a few scripts, and clickable maps.  I try to keep the size of graphics and number per page to a decent value, but the Ships page is a bit heavy.  Let me know if you have problems with this site in your browser, I will try to improve the situation.
– Sophie.

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